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After discovering his talent as a motivational speaker, Matthew began offering training workshops. Matthew has conducted numerous training workshops on parenting, family dynamics, communications, and coping with learning disabilities; he has helped improve the lives hundreds of children, parents, educators and families from different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Matthew’s passion, compassion and straightforward approach makes him an ideal fit for schools or associations looking for training workshops to reach, educate, and motivate parents, teachers, families and employees.

Matthew offers a variety of training workshops including:

  • Business personality profile (True Colors) based on the Myer Briggs

  • Team Building

  • Communication/Gender and Communication

  • Improving the relationships in your life

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Parenting

  • Customized workshops to fit any need


  • Effective ways to communicate with children (and adults) with learning disabilities and/or other special needs.

  • Bussiness personality profile (True colors) based on the Myer Briggs.

  • Team Building

  • Creating a respectful and loving relationship within your marriage or parenting partnership.

  • How gender affects communication and how to take assumptions out of communications. (Great Business or small groups)

  • Improving your relationship with your children, family, friends, and others.

  • Rediscovering Superman.( Matt share about growing up with a learning disability.

  • The art of conflict resolution, forgiveness and letting go.

  • Common sense parenting tips for managing your child’s behavior while remaining calm and competent.

  • Developing family values as your child’s road-map to life.

  • Decreasing stress and increasing the fun of parenting.

  • Letting go: raising kids that are well-equipped to deal with the messy, unfair and sometimes uncomfortable reality of life beyond the parental bubble.

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What are people saying about Matt’s Training’s

  • I learned that I am doing many things right, but still have years of work, love and hope ahead.  Looking forward to the next one. (Sandy Hesse)

  • Great !  Thank you.  (Cristina Avila)

  • The fear/hope a new message which I hope will bring a lot of change (positive) for families.  What if you have the love/hope going but spouse is caught up in fear/anxiety? (Lisa Langley)

  • Great speech and need more upcoming session to learn more.  I wish there is a cd selling this very educational lecture. (Raquel Saez-Mindanao)

  • My son is this happy-go-lucky kind of kid, popular, goes to all IEPs, but is mostly concerned about getting on the computer while there.  His “life” goal is to work with robots and race cars.  I need help getting him focused on school work; getting organized, remembering assignments, remembering school tools. (Maria Cruz)

  • It was just great! (Jose Luis Gonzalez)

  • Nice presentation!  Very therapeutic!  Good ideas! (Ian McBryde)

  • It helped me a lot to understand my son.  It gave me hope for my son education. (Karina Castillo)

  • Fear vs. hope – always a powerful reminder, and one I’ve been doing a lot of work on.  I really feel like I’ve made a shift, really attending and connecting with Jack – facing the fear of rejection and just loving him. (Robyn Wisinski)

  • It was very helpful and I feel that I am not alone. (Stella Davodian)

  • I learn a lot from this weekend.  I hope you have another workshop. (Manuel Villanueva)

  • Thank you for your wonderful presentation and weekend.  Help me a lot about how to work with my feelings and my son’s feelings.  I believe my dreams and my son’s dreams can be true. (Jenny Astupinaro)

  • Excellent presentation.  I hope we can get you to present in San Marino. (Valerie Kates)

  • Thank you.  Benefitted from having my husband attend with me – hearing about his experience and the information about parent’s rights I did not know. (Diane Rothhammer)

  • Great job Matt. I’m still a big fan! (Robyn Wisinski)

  • More please!  Thank you very much. (Grant Rothhammer)

  • I feel my eyes have been opened more about embracing what my child’s needs are and how I can assist and understand more fully.  Thank you!  P.S.  I especially enjoyed the parent collaboration component. (Debra Kallas)

  • Great job! (Melanie Werner)

  • It was right on.  Thank you for bringing the children’s point of view into focus for those who do not naturally see it. (Jason Harrison)


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