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The fear/hope a new message which I hope will bring a lot of change (positive) for families. What if you have the love/hope going but spouse is caught up in fear/anxiety? (Lisa Langley)

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  • Effective ways to communicate with children (and adults) with learning disabilities and/or other special needs.

  • Bussiness personality profile (True colors) based on the Myer Briggs.

  • Team Building

  • Creating a respectful and loving relationship within your marriage or parenting partnership.

  • How gender affects communication and how to take assumptions out of communications.

  • Improving your relationship with your children, family, friends, and others.

  • Rediscovering Superman.( Matt share about growing up with a learning disability.

  • The art of conflict resolution, forgiveness and letting go.

  • Common sense parenting tips for managing your child’s behavior while remaining calm and competent.

  • Developing family values as your child’s road-map to life.

  • Decreasing stress and increasing the fun of parenting.

  • Letting go: raising kids that are well-equipped to deal with the messy, unfair and sometimes uncomfortable reality of life beyond the parental bubble.


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