The Courage To Learn Differently​

The Courage To Learn Differently

By Matthew L. Cox & Erica Walkingstick

Help Your Learning Disabled Child Create a Happy, Fulfilling Life.

Why Should You Read The Book

As a parent, receiving the news that your child has a learning disability can be overwhelming. Not only are you deeply concerned about your child’s future, but it can also be scary to face your own new responsibilities and challenges. You’ll need the support of other parents in similar circumstances, as well as the ongoing help from doctors and educators who are experts in the area of your child’s disability.

The Courage to Learn Differently: Help Your Learning Disabled Child Create a Happy, Fulfilling Life offers you a set of user-friendly, practical tools for navigating the day-to-day social, emotional, and learning difficulties that your child will face both at home and at school, from early childhood through high school and beyond. The tools in this book are personalized to effectively address the strengths, needs, preferences, and stressors within your child’s own individual temperament and learning style. With the specialized knowledge and skills you’ll gain, you’ll be better equipped to help your child feel better, relate to others better, and perform better throughout life.

Tools and Skills Covered

About The Authors

Matthew Leland Cox

Matthew L. Cox

Matthew is a speaker, coach, author, and learning disabled person who founded “Never Give Up Behavioral Health Services” to serve families of learning disabled children in Las Vegas, and Erica WalkingStick, whose workbooks incorporating Temperament Theory and learning styles have been used by thousands of teachers, counselors, parents and kids nationwide since 2000, teamed up to create a deeply supportive guide filled with relatable storytelling, useful references, and clear, practical skill-building that’s customized to the individual needs of your child.

Erica Walkingstick

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Erica Walkingstick

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