HI, I’m Matthew Cox.

Matthew’s exceptional leadership and coaching skills have helped CEO’s and
business leaders to find their purpose. 

Training for Individuals

THE NEXT LEVEL ACADEMY Individual Training and Advanced Practices to Maximize Yourself as well as Others. Why do some people succeed at levels beyond their imagination, while others struggle? It comes down to understanding what it is you can control, how to build the bridge between you and others while being able to influence others. Think about it. If you don’t master your skills, build meaningful relationships, or know how to influence others to help you on your journey, then you’re stuck forever in mediocrity. But master these things, and life changes forever, and high achievement is yours.

Training for Corporate

EXECUTIVE COACHES PROGRAM Build a Highly Effective Executive Team by Mastering the Necessary Coaching Skills How can you become more confident and capable of coaching your team more effectively? How do you influence others? What can you do to stay on top of your game, so others seek and desire to be coached? How do you lead, coach, and manage others so they not only want to grow as an individual but as a staff? Learn these topics and more.