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Matthew Cox, a dedicated Facilitator of the Xceleration Connection, blends academic prowess and extensive experience to foster personal development, entrepreneurship, and positive change. With a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications and a Master’s Degree in Management and Public Administration (MPA), he’s a member of the International Coach Federation and received the 2009 Good Ethics Award from the California State Senate. As a nonprofit founder, he bridges gaps for children with special needs. In Las Vegas, Matthew excels as a performance coach, designing tailored presentations for diverse audiences. His strong communication skills span public speaking, media, and content creation, all contributing to his role in guiding individuals and organizations toward sustainable growth and remarkable outcomes.

HI, I’m Matthew Cox.

Matthew’s exceptional leadership and coaching skills have helped CEO’s and business leaders to find their purpose.

Matthew Leland Cox Family

A Speaker and Coach

Matthew Cox, a renowned TEDx and keynote speaker, has made a significant impact in the business world by sharing the stage with other great thought leaders. As a coach at Company Xceleration, he brings a wealth of experience from his entrepreneurial journey, guiding businesses toward growth, profitability, and success. His expertise in the Xceleration Plan, focusing on People, Innovation, and Execution (P.I.E.), empowers teams to achieve breakthrough results and sustained growth, leveraging practical tools and proven concepts.


Matthew Cox’s remarkable narrative unfolds in his debut book, “The Courage to Learn Differently,” chronicling his triumphs over adversity within the high-stakes business industry while managing a disability. This book is the first of many, with plans to co-author his next work alongside his business partner and brother, Daniel Cox. Matthew’s future titles, poised for release in the coming years, underscore his passion for writing, his drive to inspire others through personal challenges, and his commitment to fostering community unity.

Successful Businessman and Entrepreneur

Matthew Cox has a rich history of managing successful businesses, leading over 180 employees, and dedicating two decades to the mental health industry, including running hospitals and other facilities. With a lifetime spent in marketing and sales, he now serves as a leadership coach at Company Xceleration, alongside his brother, focusing on making a meaningful impact. Leveraging his film degree, Matthew is also developing documentaries to illuminate the challenges of medical care and mental health services in communities.

Matthew Leland Cox


Matthew is a passionate speaker, leadership, and life-coach with a track record of success in helping individuals, organizations, and leaders to achieve their purpose. Contact him today to schedule your next training, speaking or coaching session.

Some History


Foster Care


Never Give Up Foundation was started as a non-profit organization.


Life Coaching Service


Never Give Up Behavioral Health Services was founded to address the need for mental health services in the Las Vegas community for children in lower-income families.


Never Give Up Youth Healing Center


Strong Minds Addiction & Recovery Therapy


We have expanded our services to cater for kids with learning disabilities, help youth overcome behavioral challenges. We also offer coaching services to groups and individuals that aim to maximize their potentials.

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