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Matthew Cox spent his elementary and middle school years, thinking there was something wrong with his brain. For him, school work was a daunting, frustrating, and often embarrassing challenge.
He was diagnosed with learning disabilities and things grew from bad to worse. Against all odds he succeeded as he Never Gave Up on his dreams despite the challenges. This is act of determination birthed the hugely successful Never Give Up Foundation and Never Give Up Behavioural Health Services where children from low-income families with learning disabilities are well catered for.

Matthew Cox

HI, I’m Matthew Cox.

Matthew’s exceptional leadership and coaching skills have helped CEO’s and business leaders to find their purpose.

Matthew Leland Cox Family

A Speaker and Coach

Matthew Cox is a seasoned life coach who has delivered dozens of keynote speeches on disabilities and mental health and provides training and resources. Matthew’s exceptional leadership and coaching skills have helped CEO’s and business leaders to discover their purpose.


Matthew Cox has authored leadership and purpose driven related books. He has also conducted interviews with the world’s leading influencers and leaders in human behavior, business, and social change through his podcasts.

Successful Businessman and Entrepreneur

Matthew Cox has several successful businesses to his credit and presently manages over 500 staff. Some of his startups include Never Give youth healing center, and the Never Give Up Wellness Center.

Matthew Leland Cox


Matthew is a passionate speaker, leadership, and life-coach with a track record of success in helping individuals, organizations, and leaders to achieve their purpose. Contact him today to schedule your next training, speaking or coaching session.

Some History


Foster Care


Never Give Up Foundation was started as a non-profit organization.


Life Coaching Service


Never Give Up Behavioral Health Services was founded to address the need for mental health services in the Las Vegas community for children in lower-income families.


Never Give Up Youth Healing Center


Strong Minds Addiction & Recovery Therapy


We have expanded our services to cater for kids with learning disabilities, help youth overcome behavioral challenges. We also offer coaching services to groups and individuals that aim to maximize their potentials.

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