A Coach Needs a COACH The Fundamental Truths Every Coach Must Understand

A Coach Needs a COACH: The Fundamental Truths Every Coach Must Understand

In one of Bill Gates’s famous quotes, he said: “Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you are a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast, or a bridge player.

When briefly looked at, one could wonder why a coach who has trained to become a coach, worked so hard to master the art of coaching, recorded many successes as a coach, and earned so many accolades, still needs a coach? How could that be? If you’ve never looked at this subject from this unique perspective, this article will modify your thinking positively, and influence how you deliver as a coach. 

A coach’s job is tough. He’s got plenty of tasks on his desk. First, he needs to reflect on the happenings within his team or firm. He must, with encouragement, lead his team to victory. With this encouragement, the team could thrive well, and individuals within the organization could become better leaders. 

To better understand this point, let’s consider what happens in a tennis ball. In a tennis ball, the quarterback takes the lead in the team, yet the quarterback is just as valuable as the head coach that trains him on how to throw the ball perfectly. 

Furthermore, the running back is only going to function in its prime if he jives together with the quarterback. What’s the point? 

In this game of life, you are only as good as those you surround yourself with. And that’s why the words of Vince Lombardi are quite fitting. He says: “the difference between a successful person and others is neither the lack of strength and knowledge but also the lack of will.” Thus, if you desire to be cohesive, you genuinely need to follow each other’s lead. 

For years, I’ve worked with so many leaders, and sadly, only a few have taken an interest in me as an individual. They haven’t forgotten that one of the leader’s main goals is to shower love and care to those he leads and, by action, show that he’s concerned about their wellbeing. 

As a leader, before you demand that someone or all in the team embark on a task, you must first take the initiative. For example, if you want each member to clean up their space, you must first ensure that your area is cleaned first, thus, if you will now extend that demand to your team members, they will follow suit. 

In some situations, it could be that you wanted to embark on a general task, rather than stay behind and give commands, be sure to start first. When you do, working as a team will be a smooth ride. You shouldn’t relax and watch other team members work hard and then take all the glory for the task you didn’t immerse yourself on. 

It is also noteworthy that you should analyze those around you, trust them, and be convinced that they are loyal. But that’s not all. You must also be sure that they will reinforce the loyalty and unity within the team and embrace the more excellent vision of the firm. While staying loyal and trusting your leadership, they must also work to attain self-growth. However, trust and loyalty are earned via reasonable pacing and consistent follow-through.

Additionally, apart from learning from each team member, which is an excellent way to be coached as a coach, you also need to invest in yourself. Learning from other leaders in your field or in the career you are willing to build will make you thrive excellently. 

But, are there benefits of continued work with a coach even though you are a coach? One, you will be able to create a life and a coaching practice that is on your terms. 

Hence, leading to a high and satisfying coaching practice that genuinely changes lives. This will also guide you in mastering the tools, methods, and framework of coaching, which will eventually lead to a deepening of learning. 

Also, because you will be involved in learning continually about yourself, you will have the ability to see through your new eyes. You will be able to challenge your ways of seeing, examining assessments and biases, and then uncovering any stumbling points, you come across. 

Most followers are quite concerned about persons they can genuinely trust, a person they are quite sure they can depend on. And this can only be achieved if the leader continues to experience what coaching is for themselves. 

As a coach, it isn’t only sufficient to have the right answer. It isn’t knowing the best way to coach that will lead to a vast difference between being an intuitive and highly successful coach. 

However, what matters is either you are investing in yourself or not. If you invest in yourself, you will have the ability to deliver the best. Thus you can help whoever is around you to be the best they could be. 

As a coach, you undoubtedly believe in the power of coaching! But do not hesitate to work alongside a coach even while you learn from your team members. You will need to work alongside other great coaches to help you lead a genuinely satisfying life. 

Now, do you need coaching on personal development or in life? I help individuals to achieve and create satisfaction in their careers and lives. I will help you navigate effortlessly from career transitions to developing a new pace or a more satisfying way of living. And you will be thrilled that coaching will surely change your life. 

As a leadership coach, to generate cohesive teams with a vibrant and clear vision, I work with leaders in that field. Also, I ensure these folk’s collaboration is functional and healthy for you. And that’s what is needed to attain success in all your endeavors. 

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