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    Meet Matthew

    Matthew L. Cox spent his elementary and middle school years thinking there was something wrong with his brain. For him, school work was a daunting, frustrating, and often embarrassing challenge. He was the kid who never seemed to catch up with his classmates, no matter how hard he tried. “Growing up with a disability was like having an elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about,” Cox explained.

    Being diagnosed with a learning disability during his high school years helped Cox finally put a name to the problem, and to begin his journey to personal and academic success.

    “I’ve learned to befriend my elephant, I’ve named him George,” Cox said. “George is not going away but I can choose how I feel about him. We need to take the “dis” out of disability and embrace our elephant for who he (or she) is!” Cox developed strategies that helped him graduate from high school, obtain a B.A. in Mass Communications and reach a Master’s Degree in Management and Public Administration.



    Thank you. I learned that I am doing many things right, but still have years of work, love and hope ahead. Looking forward to the next one.

    Sandy H

    The fear/hope a new message which I hope will bring a lot of change (positive) for families. What if you have the love/hope going but spouse is caught up in fear/anxiety?

    Lisa L

    Fear vs. hope – always a powerful reminder, and one I’ve been doing a lot of work on. I really feel like I’ve made a shift, really attending and connecting with Jack – facing the fear of rejection and just loving him.

    Robyn W

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