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What you do doesn't give you purpose; it is the passion you derive from it that gives you a sense of purpose

Matthew Cox is an entrepreneur, coach, and author whose life story is a perfect example of someone who never gave up on his dreams despite the challenges. He is always ready to help individuals fulfill their potentials through his keynote lectures, purpose-driven person show, books, and other means.


Watch Matthew transform your life and guide you to achieve a purpose-driven life. You will learn how to overcome limitations, set, and achieve your goals. His guidance and perspective about life have helped hundreds of families, couples, young entrepreneurs, and leaders find their purpose throughout his entire career. Trust Him to do what he knows best – Coaching!


Matthew has ideas he wants to share with you that will help your organization improve. Create an action plan, review your organization’s goals, and build your team. He has done it for several years with excellent results; yours might be the next.



Matthew has conducted interviews with the world’s leading influences and leaders in human behavior, business, and social change through his podcasts. His exceptional leadership and coaching skills have helped CEO’s and business leaders to find their purpose.


For Schools and Special Ed Directors

Matthew Cox has delivered dozens of keynote speeches on disabilities and mental health and provides training and resources. Matthew knows what it means to be a teenager in trouble and provides a way out of it.

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Matthew Speeches Are Based On 4 Key Areas Of Life

Creation | Communication | Collaboration | Connection

Life can have its twists and turns; the ups and downs. But you don’t have to go through it alone. Matthew is experienced in training people to achieve success in life. Let him take you through this moment.


Need help building your career? Matthew has effective and proficient strategies to help you actualize your career goals and establish you.

One important key to living a purpose-driven life is the courage to live your dreams based on your vision and purpose. This is important because many people live their lives based on the opinions and expectations of other people.


Success is measured by the impact you make in life. Here’s a seasoned life coach with years of experience in helping people make the most of life, and yield good results.

To communicate with purpose, we have to master some vital skills, irrespective of your goal. This skill will aid in deepening our connections with others, building a healthy level of respect and trust.


Watch as Matthew teaches how to collaborate as a team for productivity and goal actualization. When you collaborate in any aspect of your life, it is instrumental in solving many problems.


Learn how to become a leader with exceptional, excellent, and extraordinary skill to connect every member of your team. Leadership connection is a critical subject Matthew teaches in his keynote lectures and podcast. Read his blog post “leadership sucks” to learn more.

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What Kevin & James have to Say About Matt

Don’t take our word for it. Watch what Kevin Harrington and James Malinchak have to say about Matthew Leland Cox.
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“I struggled with anxiety and eating disorders because of how demanding my career was. But I met Matthew , and he took me through one-on-one coaching course on my career that changed my life”.


Actress & TV Host

“A couple of years back, I had issues with communication and team building. I got talking with Matthew, who created a custom plan for me, and this has helped my business a lot.”


Integration Strategist

“Research has always been a passion for me. I seemed to have lost my sense of purpose. Thanks to Matthew, who helped me realign my purpose and appreciate myself.”


Research Assistant

Life-Changing Experience

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